My name is Keegan Wong and I am a wedding photojournalist. Emotions. Laughter. Joy. Tears. Friendship. And love. I remember thinking to myself – these moments are the ones which make everyday life so memorable. So candid, so unique. So unforgettable. What if I could capture every moment, freeze them so that they can become timeless and treasured forever. Where the power of one photograph can sum up years of life, or two which can sum up a lifetime of love.

My approach to photography is very simple – to capture beautiful photos in a relaxed style, recording it in a photojournalistic manner with minimal influence. I want to document your special day in life from the moment you put the dress on, till your wedding dance at the reception. Above all I want everyone I shoot to have an exciting, fun and enjoyable experience in front of my camera. I shamelessly admit that I love being unique. I aspire to create a new style in weddings and I love the challenge. You will never see me in a studio, because I love the outdoors. You will not see me in modelling, because (although I am really very ridiculously good looking!) I don’t fancy the glamour and artificial-ism that accompanies it. I also love a good coffee – cappucino, one sugar. I love my gadgets. I would love to own a convertible some day. My favourite colour is green. I love travelling and immersing myself in tranquil sceneries. I love New Age music. I love to sit down and watch people go by. I love seeing people in love, which is why I love my job.

After 5 years of shooting people in love, I have been featured in numerous websites, including the The Sunday Times, the Australian Bridal Photo Competition, The West Australian and Australia’s The Knot. The greatest gift that I’ve received is the overwhelming support from every one of you. Those who have tagged, commented, subscribed, ‘made-photo-a-display-picture’ ‘right-click-saved’ and referred my works to others. This is why I still continue to live and breathe photography, hoping that every photo that I take will continue to inspire and not disappoint. Thank you for letting me be part of your every moment that will never be forgotten.

Your wedding photographer and friend, K.